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RedMoon Pet Food


RedMoon 1337 Pet Food

RedMoon 1337 pet food is customer created. in order for a pet food to earn the 1337 designation,customers from the past had to create this formula 1337 times without us ever receiving a complaint or issuing a refund.

Complete and balanced nutrition

Developed by PHDs in animal nutrition, our nutrient-rich formulas are designed to satisfy both your pet’s nutritional needs and taste buds. Packed with real cuts of meat and whole, raw fruits and vegetables, every formula is made from only the best ingredients for better taste and digestion.
Our formulas are:

  • Formulated for all life stages. Puppy to senior dog. Kitty to senior cat.
  • Made with lots of meat
  • Grain free,Gluten free, soy free, rice free, and wheat and corn free
  • Ideal for pets with Allergy issues
  • Made with low glycemic carbohydrate sources like yellow peas
  • Highly palatable. Simply put, they’re delicious!


RedMoon 1337


RedMoon 1337 Chicken and Yellow Pea Recipe — Read More

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RedMoon 1337 Chicken and Potato Recipe — Read More

Great for all life stages, RedMoon 1337 premium dog food is packed with the freshest proteins, grain free, gluten free, wheat, corn, rice, and soy free.

Our Chicken and Potato Recipe is also formulated for bigger breeds (60lbs and up)


RedMoon 1337 Chicken and Turkey Recipe — Read More

RedMoon 1337 Chicken and Salmon Recipe — Read More

Purrr-fect for all life stages, RedMoon 1337 premium cat food is grain free, gluten free, and carnivore approved! And with added prebiotics and probiotics.

Our Chicken and Salmon Recipe has Brown Rice and Rice Bran added, and does not contain added prebiotics and probiotics.


We’re here to support you

We understand that your pet is one of a kind, and our experts are available to help you choose the perfect combination pet food. Don’t hesitate to contact us with specific questions about your pet or with questions about which pet food is right for them.