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RedMoon Pet Food


Our Experts

The best brains in animal nutrition are the reason why our pet food contains the best blend of ingredients.

Blending the best of science and natural nutrition

To offer your pet the most nutritious pet food possible, we teamed up with some of the industry’s best animal food scientists and natural nutritionists. The result? A premium pet food that not only tastes great, but is also made with the ingredients and supplements essential to keeping your dog or cat in optimal health. We also took this one step further, in order to be a RedMoon 1337 pet food, past customers had to order and feed this to their pets 1337 times with no issues .... wow! 

Formula development

RedMoon’s pet food's were created and tested by PHDs in animal nutrition.That is why you can trust us to deliver the highest nutrition possible for your pet. Our pet foods satisfy all of your pet’s nutritional needs. We also received valued input during the preliminary stages of base formula development from Sabine Contreras, a Canine Care & Nutrition Consultant and founder of dogfoodproject.com.

Facility design

The secret behind our unique micro-manufacturing process is the professional engineering group dedicated to making sure RedMoon utilizes innovative and customized equipment solutions to ensure the highest quality of premium pet food.